“As you have done for me before (and no doubt will again), you have provided me with a suitable option with the best possible upside from an investment point of view and have provided me with background information to enable the investment decision to be made with peace of mind. You and your team continue…”

-John Graves, Bradfield & Scott Lawyers (Principal)

” Washington Green have made property investing very straightforward for us. Providing us with excellent advice delivered in an uncomplicated language which has enabled us to feel much more secure in our future “.

-Andy & Angela Lovegrove

“We have subsequently become a great supporter of the business referring family and friends to Washington Green over the last 2-3 years. We were no different to your average Australian family our age, in that we had limited knowledge on what we were capable of doing and did not think we could afford to do anything.”

-Laurie & Ian Patching

“Washington Green Property were able to show me how to create additional investments through loan structures of which I was unaware. The service that Washington Green Property provided meant that every aspect of the process was managed by them.”

-Dr G. Heise

“Washington Green is one of the companies I confidently refer clients for specialist loan structures and particular investment vehicles. They are the experts in their particular field.”

-J. Moore