Population Boom Leading to Housing Crisis / 2014 Outlook / Brisbane

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I wanted to share a few stories that contain some pretty pertinent information for everyone who is looking

At what to expect in the property market in 2014 and beyond.

“AMP chief economist Shane Oliver said policy makers should take note of the predictions and begin to address

the shortage of housing now.”

“A rough estimate is that over the last decade we have already underbuilt by around 10,000 homes;

the new ABS data simply shows the problem is only going to get worse,” he said.

We have been looking at the changes that the last decade has been bringing to Australia due to the way

Asian demographics and consumer behaviour has become more closely aligned with the Australian economy.

Another article that echo’s the increasingly positive sentiment that is building for the Brisbane property

Market ;

“Lachlan Walker, director of Place Advisory, said all the signs are indicating 2014 will be a bumper year for

the Brisbane property market.”

Population boom leading to housing crisis
New population predictions released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate a dire need to increase new dwelling construction, according to a leading economist. More>>
Understanding the Asian Century – key to investment success in 2014
Making money through property in Australia in 2014 will largely rely on understanding Asia’s changing demographics and economy, according to a leading buyer’s advocate.
New apartments in Brisbane set to take off
Sales volumes for new apartments in Brisbane have spiked, causing one property analyst to predict the market is set for a ‘monster’ year in 2014.

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