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I thought it would be useful to pass on these two articles from John McGrath and Craig James, who fundamentally tend to look at quite different asset classes in greater detail. We have been quite positive about Brisbane for the past few months due to the fact that it has lagged Sydney and Melbourne in the current market trend and especially due to positive population, infrastructure and employment growth prospects that it exhibits. Here is an extract from John’s article ; “First and foremost is a predicted doubling of Queensland’s population over the next 40 years.  Nearly half of the state’s population currently chooses to live in Brisbane so local property prices will be significantly affected by this kind of growth”.

Craig James looks at CommSec’s “ Housing Bubble Index”, which I think is quite amusing as it measures the number of times both housing and bubble have been used in articles in the Australian media ! But putting journalistic hype aside he also states  ; “Home prices have posted solid gains in recent months for a variety of reasons. Certainly home prices had gone nowhere for the past three years and there is a raft of positive drivers currently underpinning demand for homes”

I hope you find these informative.

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Brisbane market predictions
John McGrath
I believe the South-East Queensland market will outperform the rest of Australia over the next three to five years. Property has been significantly oversold since the GFC and sea changers who have de-leveraged are in a prime position to take advantage of some outstanding value seen in this market.
Next year we will see a continued residential property recovery Australia wide with several cities primed to see an upsurge in demand and prices.  My feeling is Brisbane will be one of them, as the signs right now are that this market is on the cusp of its recovery and next year will be the first year of good growth.
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Bubble trouble: measuring housing market hype
Craig James
Certainly home prices have lifted markedly in recent months but overall Australian home prices have recorded positive annual growth for just the past nine months after 20 months of declines.
What does it all mean?
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