RBA upgrades Domestic Economic Growth

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Hi Everyone, Here are some articles of interest to anyone looking at investments in Australia. As an aside I’ve included a snippet from Tim Farrelly who emphasizes that “ Buy high, sell low still seems to be the preferred strategy for many financial advisors “ and I think this is also true for many investors. … Read More

National property clock points to Brisbane boom

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Hi Everyone, Here are a few interesting articles that came up during the week. Paul Bennion from Depro said “While Brisbane has been an underperforming property market for several years, there is every indication that property prices in the city will boom during 2014” I take a more conservative view as I don’t believe we … Read More


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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year and may 2014 prove to be a prosperous one for you ! There have been many forecasts for the year ahead, and reviews about the year just passed so I thought it best just to share a few that I think we should all bear in mind so we can … Read More

Markets set for a strong 2014 – RP Data

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Hi Everyone, It’s interesting reflecting on a lot of the market predictions that we saw at this time last year …………………………. and it makes you aware that consensus opinions are not often correct ! Something we can all be confident about is that we have seen the peak of the investment boom in mining infrastructure … Read More

“Where to the Aussie dollar”

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Hi Everyone, This is still a quandary for most observers as it is both a volatile and highly traded currency. It is also important for investors in the Australian property market as the strength of the currency will have a significant bearing on the course the Reserve Bank of Australia takes with monetary policy in … Read More